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“Head of Remote”: why companies are rushing to hire “remote managers” in this competitive employee-driven market

In today’s business climate, more and more employers offer remote work options to their employees. While this can be a great perk for employees, it can also present some challenges for employers.

One of the biggest challenges is to adapt their management style to accommodate this new reality — especially given the climate of the “Great Resignation” that arose from the pandemic and the new paradigm of remote work. [See our previous feature on the “Great Resignation.]


Work from home requires the right equipment Covid 19 Pivotal HR Solutions Blog
Work from home is shown in some research to increase productivity. With many workers resigning — refusing to return to the “office” — remote work remains important even as the Pandemic crisis “normalizes. There are 9 key tips to making sure remote workers are productive and happy. See our previous feature on “work from home” productivity>>


For companies with a sufficient workforce, the best way of doing this may be to appoint a “Head of Remote.” In this feature, we examine why this is a vital role for any organization with remote workers — or any company hoping to recruit workers who refer remote work in this competitive “employee” market.

What is a “Head of Remote”

A Head of Remote is essentially a manager responsible for overseeing all of the employees who work remotely. That includes tasks like ensuring employees have the resources to be productive, setting deadlines and expectations, and providing feedback.

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The Head of Remote role is important because it helps to ensure that remote workers are held to the same standards as employees who work in a traditional office setting. This helps to level the playing field and ensure that remote workers are not at a disadvantage.

Covid-19 and the Rise of Remote Work

The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in a dramatic increase of remote workers. In many cases, this was done out of necessity as businesses were forced to close their doors. However, even after the pandemic ends, it is likely that the number of remote workers will continue to grow.


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One of the keys to an effective “Head of Remote” is to train remote workers in the “10 good habits to a truly productive remote team.” See our previous feature on the 10 good habits of a productive remote team>>


Employers and employees have realized that remote work can be as productive as working in an office. Additionally, it can help to reduce overhead costs and increase employee satisfaction. As the number of remote workers continues to grow, the need for a Head of Remote will become even more crucial.

How a Head of Remote Can Help

There are many ways in which a Head of Remote can help improve remote workers’ productivity. One of the most important is to provide clear expectations and deadlines, which can be a challenge when employees are not working in the same physical space. Still, it is crucial to maintain a high level of productivity.


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Depending on the employee’s preference, remote work may actually increase efficiency, productivity and job satisfaction. It is part of the “Head of Remote’s” role to ensure all three. See our previous feature on how to develop an effective and satisfied remote workforce>>


Another way Head of Remote can help is by providing resources and support, including access to training materials, mentorship, and coaching. That’s especially important for remote workers who are new to the organization or working in a new role.

Finally, Head of Remote can help to improve communication between remote workers and the rest of the organization. They can set up regular check-ins, facilitate communication between different teams, and act as a liaison between remote workers and management.


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Even remote workers need a little we-praise and me-praise! A “Head of Remote” can ensure that they receive the same praise, inspiration, morale boost and kudos as workers in the office. Learn more about developing an effective remote team>>


Where to Find a Head of Remote?

There are a few different ways to find a Head of Remote. You might decide to promote someone internally or hire someone from outside of the organization.

Remote Management position a new role in many companies Pivotal HR Solutions Blog
A key position in companies with significant remote workforce is “head of remote” — a manager or excecutive who facilitates all the important aspects of remote work, from cloud access and security to online meetings to employee morale.


If you are hiring from outside the organization, why not let an HR Recruiting agency help you? You can use an agency like Pivotal to find the best candidates.

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