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Majority of Canadian Workers Thinking About Switching Jobs: Survey and “the Great Resignation”

A new survey has revealed that a majority of workers across the country are thinking about switching jobs.

The survey, which was commissioned by Allstate Canada and conducted by Leger, found that 55% of workers had seriously thought about looking for a new job in the past six months. Among this group, 27% said that they thought about it a couple of times per week, and 11% thought about it every day.

As for what some of these workers are looking for in a new employer, the survey found that work-life balance, flexible work hours, and the ability to work from home were the three most important priorities.


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Attracting Talented Employees a Big Challenge

In addition, respondents said that the four most important qualities they want from executive leadership are open and honest communication, a fair and impartial attitude with employees, employee performance recognition, and being supportive.

“What the survey results show is that attracting and retaining qualified and talented employees is one of the biggest challenges organizations face nowadays,” stated Ryan Michel, President and CEO at Allstate Canada. “People’s outlook on life has shifted due to COVID-19, and employers must adapt to this new reality…Providing flexibility in the workplace is key to helping ensure employees have access to the tools they need for mental and physical wellness.”

Turnover Tsunami (The Great Resignation)

Employers who want to avoid being swept away by the Turnover Tsunami (a.k.a. Great Resignation) need to be proactive. Even if key employees have not handed in their resignation, the fact that some (or perhaps many) of them are thinking about it — and possibly several times a day — could lead to disengagement and “presenteeism.” Indeed, although affected workers may not be consciously trying to express their unhappiness, sabotage others, or cut corners, they could be (and some experts say they invariably will be) subconsciously influenced by an underlying desire to head elsewhere.


The Great Resignation Covid 19 dreamstime l 243205555 Pivotal HR Solutions Blog


What Employees are Looking For

And so, what can employers do to win the hearts and minds of their workforce? As highlighted earlier, the Allstate Canada survey revealed what many employees are looking for in an organization, and from executive leadership:

  • Work-life balance
  • Flexible work hours
  • The ability to work from home
  • Open and honest communication
  • Fair and impartial attitude
  • Performance recognition
  • Being supported

In addition to the above, a separate survey conducted in 2021 by software company Citrix found that employees want to work for an organization that prioritizes outcomes over output, and supports diversity in the workplace (and measures this with honest and accessible metrics).

“The last year has forever changed the way employees view and approach work, but one thing holds true: businesses that want to attract and retain the talent they need to move forward must understand the top priorities of their future workforce,” stated Tim Minahan, Executive VP of Business at Citrix. “They must embrace new, flexible work models and cultivate a workforce that can design their own careers. In doing so, they will not only boost the motivation and engagement of their existing workers, but will gain the attention of the brightest new recruits and take their business to new heights.”




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