Three Ways a Temp Staffing Agency Saves Your Business Money

One of the biggest challenges that your business faces is the challenge of finding qualified employees to fill your company needs. This challenge can be compounded when looking for individuals to fill temporary staffing needs. There are considerable costs that are incurred in connection with this. Using a temp staffing agency can help to reduce these costs.

Here are just three of the many ways that a temp staffing agency can help save your business money:

  1. Reduces advertising, recruiting and interviewing costs
  2. Reduces training costs
  3. Reduces the costs of being under or overstaffed

Reduces Advertising, Recruiting and Interviewing Costs

There are many costs that are associated with advertising, recruiting and interviewing. Using a temp staffing agency will help reduce or eliminate many of these costs as they pertain to the temporary staffing needs of your company.

Not only is there the obvious expense, but when covering just a few shifts, going through the entire hiring process is just not feasible. A temp staffing agency will enable you to cover one or two shifts, and they can do it at a moment’s notice.

Reduces Training Costs

If you are only covering a few shifts you really cannot afford a huge investment of time and money. You need workers that can walk through your door with limited training.

This is an important area where a temp staffing agency can help. Through good communication and industry experience, they will understand the needs of your company. Through their screening process they will have a large pool of temporary workers who have the required skills to fill your needs. Because they already have these skills they will be able to fill in seamlessly with little training and minimal disruption. This will greatly cut down on your training costs.

Reduces the Costs Being Under or Overstaffed

There are a number of situations which could lead to your company being understaffed. These could include the following:


  • Illness
  • Injury
  • Family issues
  • Personal issues
  • Maternity/paternity leave
  • Temporary increases in workload


Being understaffed can incur the following costs:


  • key tasks getting overlooked
  • overtired and overworked employees more likely to make mistakes
  • lower company morale
  • paying of unnecessary overtime


Using a temp staffing agency will reduce these costs by providing your company the help you need, when you need it. This flexibility will also save your business money by preventing you from becoming overstaffed. For example; underworked employees can become unmotivated and unproductive. Also there is an increased possibility of layoffs which could incur unnecessary termination and severance costs.

A temp staffing agency provides you with the needed flexibility which will help your company to operate at maximum efficiency, while greatly saving you money.

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