Why Using a Temp Staffing Agency Can Save You Money

Staffing headaches can be expensive as they eat up your firm’s valuable internal resources – headaches like posting job listings, screening applications, interviewing candidates, and training them to be a part of your workforce. If you are looking for ways to streamline your business costs and operations, consider working with a temp agency. Retaining a temp staffing agency can save your company money in several different ways.

Training Efficiency

Instead of wasting your existing employees’ precious time to train new staff, let a staffing agency take care of training for you. Staffing agencies can screen workers to find the ones with the experience and skills you need. This saves you money because you don’t have to spend time and internal resources training the employee yourself. Your regular employees can continue to work productively and efficiently while your pre-trained temp steps in and begins working immediately.

Human Resources

A temp agency can take care of many tiresome administrative HR details that can tie up your human resource specialist’s time. An agency can handle many human resources duties like attracting qualified candidates for open positions, taking care of disciplinary action, and terminating poor-performing employees. Additionally, when you hire through a temp agency, you don’t have to worry about contributing to their WSIB premiums, and are spared payroll processing headaches.

Less Overtime

When a busy season rolls around, you may find yourself paying lots of overtime to your existing employees. Paying for overtime is expensive, and it’s hard on your employees. And when your employees are overstressed and fatigued, they are more likely to make expensive mistakes. Bringing on temporary employees through a temp staffing agency can help you thrive during any peak work load period. You will avoid paying excess wages for overtime, and your regular employees will appreciate your concern for their well-being.

Flexible Staffing

Some businesses have very busy periods followed by very slow periods. In these circumstances, it can be expensive to keep full-time employees on board who sit around and play solitaire when things are slow. Using a temp staffing agency to increase personnel during peak times allows you to cost-effectively cut back on headcount during lean times. And you don’t have to deal with the stress of laying off employees no longer needed. A temp staffing agency will attend to providing workers just when you need them, and you avoid paying for staff when they are not needed.

As you run more efficiently with workers from a temp staffing agency, you can find your budget stretching farther than it used to. Human resources issues are minimized and you can spend more time growing your business and doing what you do best. When you know that you can count on quality help whenever you need it, you can relax taking on challenging projects and bigger opportunities confident you have excellent staffing back-up whenever you need it.

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