Consider This When Using Recruitment Agencies to Fill Jobs

magnifying-glassThere are many advantages to using a recruitment agency to fill open positions at your company. If you’re planning to use a recruitment agency, or trying to decide whether you want to use one, consider these benefits they offer.

Professional Employee Finders

You run a business. Unless that business is a recruiting agency, finding talent is not your primary focus. It’s one of the many important  tasks of running a successful business, but one that is peripherally related to your day-to-day business activities.

Trying to do all aspects of recruiting and hiring for permanent openings on your own can become a time-consuming and expensive exercise. How many other tasks do you contract to outside agencies? For many businesses, accounting, taxes, and a variety of other logistic services are outsourced. This subcontracting allows businesses to focus on—well, their business. Finding qualified employees can be no different.

Doing it on your own involves advertisements, resume reviews, interviews, reference checks, and on and on.  With potentially hundreds of resumes to examine, the investment of time could be staggering. Once you find a suitable candidate (if you do), if things do not work out, all that time and effort will prove to have been wasted—and has to be repeated.

Recruiting agencies are experts at finding the best qualified employees for every industry. They take care of the entire vetting process, saving you the time of doing it yourself.  If things don’t work out, the agency can immediately begin working to find a replacement.

Easy Come, Easy Go

What happens when, after you have invested significant time and energy into sourcing, identifying, vetting, hiring and onboarding the perfect candidate; they quit two months later?  It can and does happen, and when it does, you have to go through the entire hiring and onboarding process, again.  Hiring through a recruitment agency eliminates much of this hassle, time, and expense, as they are responsible for presenting a suitable replacement at no extra charge.

Since recruitment agencies specialize in finding the best candidates for your permanent positions, you don’t risk losing the investment of time and energy made by the recruitment agency in finding the best candidates on your behalf.

Considerable Considerations

A recruitment agency allows you to focus all of your efforts on operating your business, freeing you from much of the stress and energy involved in hiring the best available talent.  Many firms report several other major benefits they benefit from when working with recruiting agencies; benefits that go beyond filling open perm positions, specifically finding them as valuable trusted strategic outsourced HR business partners.

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