What Is a Temp Staffing Agency?

A Staffing Agency is also known as an employment agency or recruiting firm. Staffing Agencies are an excellent resource for individuals looking for a job, as well as businesses that have an open job requirement. Staffing Agencies specialize in making sure they match the right employee, with the right job, with the right business. Here are a few characteristics of a Staffing Agency.


Staffing Agencies take the entire recruitment process into their hands. They draft job vacancy announcements; publish the announcement in print, media and online formats; collect all resumes and certifications and answer all incoming questions. After a thorough review of the applicants resumes and qualifications, they schedule and conduct interviews, contact references and run background searches. If the agency is thoroughly satisfied that the applicant has the skills and qualifications to work in the fields they service, they will add the individual to their roster.


Sometimes certain knowledge, skills and experience may be needed for a specific position. In these cases, a Staffing Agency can develop candidates for their clients by training them on software or other skills. The business where such an individual is placed can better hit the ground running, minimizing on-site training by existing staff.


When a business has a need for an employee they can contact a Temp Staffing Agency and become a client. The staffing agency will typically meet with the business owner or position supervisor, and discuss the working environment, business atmosphere, required duties, typical skills needed to be successful in the position, and the period the employee is needed. The agency representative reviews all of these details and creates a profile of an individual that may fit the position. They review their pool of qualified candidates and submit matching applicants to the business for their consideration.

Payment Arrangements

All individuals who are placed in a position by a Temp Staffing Agency are employees of the staffing agency. They are temporarily on loan to the business during their period of employment. The staffing agency is responsible for providing payroll to the employee. In addition to payroll, the staffing agency takes on the responsibilities of workers compensation (WSIB), unemployment insurance (EI), CPP, vacation pay, Public Holiday pay, and governmental tax deductions (income tax and Employer’s Health tax). The firm pays a single invoice to the Staffing Agency for the hours worked and logged.


Though the business is responsible for the supervision and safety of the Temp Staffing agency worker, if the firm has problems with an employee that has been placed by a Temp Staffing Agency, they are not responsible for reprimands or counselling  If a business is having a problem, all they have to do is contact the staffing agency. The agency will counsel the employee to rectify the behaviour or skill deficiency that is causing the problem. If the counselling is ineffective or the problem is too severe for continued employment, the staffing agency can provide a replacement.

Businesses that use Temp Staffing Agencies position themselves for success. They optimize the amount of work that can be done, while minimizing the amount of investment needed to recruit, train, pay and develop their working staff.

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