Motivating Temp Staff Without Money

Motivating the workforce without increasing the company’s budget is a constant concern of most employers. When part of that workforce contains temporary staffing, many wonder what the best motivational techniques are for these valued but short-time workers. While many employers initially think of money, there are actually other ways to reward workers from a temporary staffing agency that don’t include writing big bonus checks. To identify the best reward for temp help, employers must put themselves in the worker’s shoes and consider what they are really trying to get out of the job.

Public Praise

There’s a reason why so many offices get flower deliveries on Valentine’s Day. It’s because people love public recognition. That same concept applies equally well to temporary workers. They are fully aware that their positions are short term, but they also want to deliver top notch results for the employer during the time that they are there. Employers can motivate temp workers to aim for success by simply praising them for their accomplishments. Accomplishments can be large, but don’t forget about the smaller ones too. Get in the habit of praising all employees either in a weekly meeting or via an all-staff email.  Not only will workers be motivated by the recognition by management, but their peers will also likely give them a pat on the back as well.

Temp Workers Need Titles

Although most companies value the contributions of temp workers just as much as regular employees, their actions and words often fail to communicate this. For example, temporary workers are often introduced as a temp, or are said to be “filling in for someone” or “helping out during the busy season.” While these statements are true, they can make temp workers feel as though their contributions don’t really matter. Instead, companies should give temporary workers a title and use that title to introduce them. Not only does this make the worker feel like part of the team, it also makes them feel like the professional that they are.


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Career Benefits

Many workers providing temporary job services are looking to advance their careers, whether it’s at their current position or at another one. Therefore, one of the best rewards that an employer can provide is assistance in doing that. When a temp worker accomplishes something important, employers shouldn’t stop at verbal praise. They should also consider writing a formal note that can be used as a reference in the future. Writing recommendations on the worker’s LinkedIn profile is also a great reward. In addition, companies can further assist temporary workers by inviting them to business functions that can serve as networking opportunities.


Money That’s Not Money

Sometimes a physical reward is necessary to motivate employees, whether it’s because the holiday season is near or because they are truly outperforming their peers. However, employers have many motivational rewards available to them that don’t include raises or bonuses. Consider giving them gift certificates which are just as appreciated by workers but don’t significantly affect the company’s budget. Businesses can also give gifts such as photo frames, desk sets, clothing, or other lavish gift items that the worker can use either at home or in a future position.




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