Recruiting Agencies Can Decrease the Time It Takes to Fill an Open Position

Having open positions at your company is something every manager hopes to avoid as much as possible. Finding the right people for open positions is hard and can take up a lot of company resources. Rather than taking time away from your everyday responsibilities to weed through applications and screen potential interviewees, consider working with a recruiting agency.

Why a Recruiting Agency?

A recruiting agency can fill positions much more efficiently than most companies doing it on their own. Since they’re solely dedicated to the task, they don’t have to reallocate resources to address this time-consuming task. Additionally, their recruiters are trained and specialized in recruiting and hiring for positions you may be looking to fill. When you work with a recruiting agency that specializes in your company’s industry, they may have a qualified pool of candidates already lined up, making the process even faster.

What Will a Recruiting Agency Do?


  • The recruiting agency will ensure you have a great job posting that zeroes in on the real needs and responsibilities of the open role. Applying current industry best practices, they will make sure this critical piece of the process attracts the right kinds of candidates.
  • Once resumes start flowing in, the agency has the capacity and ability to start screening candidates immediately, rather than waiting until the posting closes, which some companies think they must do.
  • The agency will be able to quickly identify applicants with the greatest potential to be a good fit for the open role at your company. By their focusing on the key traits and attributes needed to be successful, good candidates will be ready for you to assess much more quickly.
  • As these good candidates are identified, in-person interviews can begin while other applications are still being collected. While a company conducting its own interviews may be restricted to conducting interviews during normal business hours, a recruiting agency has flexibility to work in the evenings or on weekends as needed. This flexibility is another huge advantage to working with a recruiting agency as applicants often don’t have the ability to meet during normal business hours due to another job.
  • The job market is competitive, so once you find that perfect candidate, you don’t want to lose out to another company. A recruiting agency will be able to keep candidates in the loop throughout the hiring process, whether that means alerting them to the timing of additional interviews, or letting them know the status of background and reference checks. This simple, yet crucial step, helps ensure good candidates aren’t slipping away because they feel disconnected from the process.


By having a recruiting agency help fill your open positions, you will save time and money, while also gaining the assurance that you’re attracting and interviewing the best candidates.

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