The Benefits of a Temp Agency to Hire a Seasonal Workforce

Many companies work in fields that experience wide arrays of workload fluctuations. While some seasons may be very busy and require a larger workforce, others may be quiet and you find yourself paying many employees who aren’t needed. If this scenario sounds familiar, you may greatly benefit from using a seasonal workforce to navigate the ups and downs of workload. As this type of hiring is a bit more complicated than recruiting and maintaining permanent staff, using a temp agency is a great way to ensure your company does it the right way.

What Is a Seasonal Workforce?

A seasonal workforce is one that responds to peak seasons of business. For many, the Christmas season creates a huge spike in business that requires many more workers at the end of the year than during the Spring, Summer or Fall. Anything from hotels to retail to warehousing and distribution, may find themselves in need of a flexible seasonal workforce.

Challenges of a Seasonal Workforce

For many businesses, managing a fluctuating seasonal workforce is tricky and requires a delicate balance of having the right number of workers and the right types of workers. Often, the chief concern of businesses in this situation may be simply filling open positions, but by doing this they may miss out on having workers that are good fits for the job at-hand. Additionally, should you hire part-time employees, contractors, temps or full-time employees? There are many variables to consider.

The Benefits of Using a Temp Agency

With the large number of factors to consider when filling a seasonal workforce, using a temp agency to execute the hiring may be the easiest — and best — decision you can make. As experts in the field of hiring, they are well-versed and very experienced at filling all types of jobs, from full-time routine positions to temporary roles that will fill an immediate need for a fairly short period of time. Additionally, they will be excellent coaches to help you decide what type of worker you need. Once you have identified who you need, they’ll take care of everything, from posting jobs to recruiting to screening to scheduling interviews. All you’ll have to do is look over the final group of well-qualified candidates and hire the ones you like best.

A Temp Agency Saves You Money

Many companies mistakenly believe using a temp agency costs more, when in fact it can cost less, just with the time and resources it will save your company. Everything from the paperwork to the recruiting will take time away from managing the daily business at your company. Every minute you spend on hiring is time spent away from other responsibilities. Using a temp agency is a sound investment, especially when you take into account the benefits, and the peace of mind that accompanies using experts to execute a very important task.

When you use a temp agency to hire your seasonal workforce, you can be confident that you will not only have the right number of people on your staff during peak business seasons, but that you’ll also have the right types of people working.

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