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Finding Quality Temporary Employees – The Temp Agency Solution

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Acquiring the services of a high-quality staffing agency is a great way for a company to procure new employees. Companies may think their HR departments or other employees can do an adequate job of finding a new employee and therefore feel there is no need for such a service. However, the list below showcases why hiring a staffing agency to find temp or long-term employees is well worth the investment:

Cost Savings:

Although companies that use staffing services do have to pay for their expertise, the ability to hand off the responsibility of finding the perfect employee for the job is well worth the cost. Due to the fact that staffing agencies complete all the necessary pre-screening work for employers, the service saves the company money in the long-run.  Just consider the time an employer would have to spend in order to weed through a plethora of applicants in order to find the few individuals who might be considered for an open position. Time during which the employer has to put their other profit-making responsibilities or duties on hold. Therefore, passing those tasks onto an agency that knows how to zero in on a quality employee is actually financially beneficial in the long-run.

Access to a Larger Network:

Not only will staffing agencies take the hassle out of acquiring a good employee, they also have a broader reach when it comes to finding them in the first place. Many staffing agencies are part of networks, which allows them access to more high-quality employees than a company would have on their own. Consequently, this increases the chances of successful employee placement. In addition, whereas an employer might have to place an ad or advertise in some way to encourage potential employees to apply for the vacant position, a staffing agency already has access to an abundance of potential employees.

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Ensures High-Quality Temporary Employees:

Staffing agencies peruse years of work history on every potential employee. What this means is they can find patterns in an employee’s past that reveal whether or not they would be a good hire. The agencies also perform the task of talking to potential employees. This process involves asking them various questions and taking note of their answers,  all in an effort to ensure their clients are acquiring only high-quality individuals.

Attributes That Are Considered Positive in an Employee:

•   An employee who has either experience or an education that properly prepares them for the open position.
•   A clean work history, meaning the employee has not been fired.
•   A person who can pass a background screening check.
•   An individual who shows dependability due to the fact that they have stayed at numerous jobs for a year or longer.

There are many benefits that come along with procuring the services of a staffing agency to find a new employee. Therefore, when a company has a job vacancy, they should consider the points above and seek the help of a high-quality staffing agency.

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