Covid-19 Reopening Strategies Will Include Remote Working and Increased HR Outsourcing

Hybrid remote home working together with increased HR outsourcing — and a strong focus on occupational health and safety in the office — will be the keys to success in a post Covid-19 office environment. During the worldwide pandemic, most offices shifted to remote working. Some even had to lay off a portion of their workforce.

As offices reopen, not all workers are returning to work. In what is likely to become the new normal, some employees will continue to work remotely, and companies will continue to outsource departments such as HR.


The Current Situation

Over the last year, the world relied on remote work, and it’s safe to say that it did just fine. Despite vaccine rollouts, companies can’t risk bringing their total workforce back to the office, and they’re not planning on it either.

Just last month, JPMorgan Chase & Co. said that they’re only planning to bring 60% of their workforce back to the office [1]. JP Morgan is not alone in doing so. Citibank has also said they will be thoughtful about when workers will be called into offices and will definitely be looking for a mix of onsite and offsite work [2].


Work from home and hybrid working arrangements including some remote home work and some socially-distanced office work may be the new reality of a post-Covid-19 HR work environment. Outsourcing HR Management and Payroll services may also be a key to managing fluctuating HR demands.



Outsourcing HR to Save Costs

With the closure of offices within the last year, many companies also had to lay off a fair share of their workforce due to decreased revenues. This meant that more and more companies are now relying on outsourcing work to save costs.

One of the most common ways to do so is through HR outsourcing. An outsourced HR department saves the office from the cost of an HR onsite service. At the same time, an outsourced team can do an equally effective HR management job and draw up occupational health & safety policies.

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87 % of Companies to Use Hybrid Workforce

As part of a new normal, many companies have prepared to call in only parts of their workforces. The remaining companies will be allowed to work from home, which is a better option than seeing them choose to work with another employer.

87% of companies in the US have said they will be putting a hybrid work model in place post-pandemic [3]. By adopting a hybrid approach, employees who need to work from within the office will be allowed access.


Re-opening strategies for companies in the post Covid-19 reality will include many HR Management precautionary measures such as continued social distancing, masking, temperature checks, hybrid work force, work-from-home, and outsourced HR Management.



Reluctant Employees and HR Offsite

At the same time, employees that are hesitant to come to work or are at high risk if they do so can work from the safety of their homes. This approach is a win-win situation for both employers and employees.

Similarly, it seems that companies may continue to employ the help of offsite services, such as an HR offsite service. Offsite departments, once again, reduce the number of people you need to have within your office.

In terms of remote work, they also considerably reduce the number of people you need to overlook. For in-house HR projects, you would have to oversee a whole team of HR personnel working remotely, which can be a hassle. With an offsite team, you just need to coordinate with one person overlooking the entire project.


New normal in HR Management?

So, as the world reopens, it seems that it will adopt this hybrid work model that has slowly become the new normal. Whether offices will ever go back to operating at full onsite capacity is a question that will only be answered as time goes on.

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