Temps Can Provide a Solution to Your Staffing Needs

In any business, there will be times when you find yourself needing extra help. It may be due to a seasonal uptick, the temporary loss of a permanent employee, a large project, or just an unexpectedly busy period. Whatever the reason, you’ll find yourself faced with the prospect of going through the entire vetting and hiring process for an employee you know in advance you don’t intend to keep.

You’ll have to advertise the opening, sort through resumes, conduct interviews, and fill out a mountain of paperwork for a few days or weeks of extra help. All of the time, expense, and aggravation involved in hiring a temporary worker on your own may cause you to overtax your existing workforce. That could lead to missed deadlines, botched projects, and other problems that cost you revenue and reputation. Fortunately, staffing agencies make it easy and affordable to hire temporary workers for your business.

What Temps Do

Temporary workers have become a huge professional workforce all their own. They are indispensable in many industries, and their use continues to rise. Everyone knows that seasonal businesses rely heavily on temps; but you may be surprised at the other businesses that couldn’t operate without them:


  • Manufacturers and wholesalers rely on temps to fulfill large orders that would otherwise require overtime hours from their regular workforce.
  • Temps with specialized trade skills are frequently used to help complete projects on time and on budget.
  • Law and accounting offices frequently use temps when their permanent employees are busy on large projects.
  • Governments, municipalities, utilities and school boards use temps to help with events like parades, conventions, emergencies, or for general short-term staffing.


Temps provide all of these industry sectors with a professional, short-term workforce. Due to their growing popularity, temps are becoming more diverse every year. They come from a wide variety of educational and professional backgrounds, and their skill sets are constantly improving.

What Temps Do for You

clock-paper-stackIn the past, unforeseen worker absences could leave you short-handed for days or weeks. With the growing number of professional temps available, finding qualified help can take as little as a few hours. Staffing agencies maintain a pool of qualified temps for a wide variety of roles. A single phone call can save you the time and resources you would usually spend trying to find a qualified short-term replacement.

Saving the time and effort of an applicant search is just one of the benefits of using temps for your staffing needs. The mountain of paperwork that comes with a new employee is typically handled by the staffing agency, with all certifications and references having been checked. This frees your HR department to do other things. This also lets you get the right temp into your workflow faster. You don’t have to spend hours training and on-boarding them. Temps come to your business ready to work.

Temps Are an Ideal Solution

When you are dealing with increased demand or a reduced workforce, the last thing you need is another demand on your time.

Whatever your business, there are highly trained, experienced temps ready to fill any role you require. Today’s temps are more qualified than ever to fill any and all of your staffing needs. Whether you need a single temp to fill in for an ill employee, or an army of temps to handle a large project, a reputable temp staffing agency will always be able to find and deliver the qualified workers you need.

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