3 Ways to Attract Better Talent

catching fish comicIf your company is looking to attract better talent, there are several methods that have proven to be effective. We will look at three of them here.

Competitive Salaries

By offering higher salaries than your competitors, higher calibre applicants will be drawn to and apply with your company. Once you have hired your choice, the higher salary will help to provide the confidence and financial security that allows your personnel to perform their best on a regular basis.

Not only is generous compensation for services rendered a tremendous morale booster, it can also attract candidates who bring more to the job than those who only want to take home a pay cheque.

But a flood of applicants attracted by higher salaries can swamp the internal resources of firms without the necessary staff to deal with it. An outsourced recruiting firm is invaluable for pre-screening candidates, and ensuring the calibre of applicants matches the wages they are expecting.

Improve your Company’s Reputation

Word-of-mouth can be a powerful recruitment tool, and one of the best ways to get this process started is to improve the reputation of your company. But this does not mean simply launching a public relations campaign.

A company’s reputation extends directly from its internal corporate culture, and how that culture is experienced by your staff, customers, and suppliers. While difficult to quantify, an investment in establishing and nourishing a vibrant and dynamic corporate culture can provide a significant reputational ROI that ultimately leads to your company being widely recognized as a desirable place to work.

A positive work environment is often expressed by employee testimonials like “My manager really helps me when I need it,” or “People listen to and respect my ideas,” and “My contribution is valued.” Many firms find success by offering company-paid training that advances employees’ careers.

This kind of reputation management can have a major impact on the kind of new employees you get to consider and bring on board. Recruiting firms that also offer outsourced HR Management services can be very helpful assisting with the people-dynamics involved in creating an attractive internal corporate culture that can lead to an enhanced reputation.

Embrace Diversity

By diversity we mean recognizing the different ways that people think. Every applicant brings with them a unique set of perspectives, experiences, and views about the future. These may not exactly match those prevailing in the minds of those doing the hiring.

But rather than dismissing candidates for what on the surface may appear to not be a culture-fit, these differences of perspective, when nourished, could uncover and bring alive fresh new ways for your business to provide value to its customers. Recruiting firms, with their large pools of talent to draw from, can provide appropriate candidates drawn from the wide variety of backgrounds that can precipitate this kind of fresh thinking.

By embracing diversity, you can nurture the abilities of your employees and encourage them to perform at their best.

Bottom line – Better companies attract better talent. The more you work at always becoming a better company, the more better talent can’t help but show up on your doorstep.

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