Job Boards vs. Recruiters – Which Will Get You the Best Candidates?

Two well-known ways exist to look for qualified candidates for your company – job boards and recruiters. Companies that have only used job boards may not be aware of the multiple benefits that recruiters can offer them during the hiring process. One of the biggest being the time you can save finding the best candidates available.

Targeted End Results

When you post a job vacancy on a job board, you are hoping that the right applicant is going to see the posting. But what if they don’t? The reality is you could be deluged with applicants – everyone from those highly qualified to fresh graduates or workers who jump from one job to the next. How can you tell which are the good ones, and which ones aren’t?

With a professional recruiter, you will quickly be presented with numerous candidates who have already been pre-screened – people who are seriously suited for the position.

Faster Turnaround

Recruiters can reduce the amount of time it takes from the moment that you post a position to the time it is filled. Instead of having to sift through a pile of resumes, and setting up initial interviews, a recruiter simply provides you with a list of qualified candidates and makes recommendations on which names should be short-listed. It also eliminates your company’s valuable human resources being squandered going through these time-consuming steps of hiring employees.

Thorough Screening

Candidate profiles on job boards can be misleading. So can resumes, and, in–person interviews. Without proper screening, the perfect potential employee can turn out to be anything but.  And the last place you want to find this out is after you have invested significant time whittling down your short–list to make what ultimately leads to your discovery you’ve made the wrong hiring decision.

Recruiters have highly developed interviewing skills – this is an essential part of their occupation. They have likely had more practice interviewing candidates than anyone on your staff. But recruiters do not just rely on interviews. They put candidates through rigorous personality and aptitude tests and skills assessments. They want to be absolutely certain they have identified the right candidates before presenting them to a company for consideration. Few companies have the resources to conduct this kind of thorough screening foe every applicant responding to a job board posting.

Explore the Possibilities

If you have never utilized job recruiters before, you need to find a reputable recruiter with the best available candidates who understands and knows what you need and are looking for to fulfill your exact needs.  With an exceptional recruitment agent on your side, you will surely find the best candidates for your company.

Many companies find they repeatedly rely on recruiting firms rather than job boards because they consistently get to hire better people, faster, with much less hassle.

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