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Outsourced HR Solutions

Are you leveraging your HR capability to enhance your business results?

Generally, small and mid-size companies have limited time, money or resources to effectively develop and implement the HR strategies required to meet, let alone exceed business goals. However, in the increasingly complex world of HR, they face the same employee challenges as well resourced larger organizations. PIVOTAL  provides small and mid-size companies with affordable HR solutions that are typically only available to large corporations.

Outsourced HR Management

We achieve more for our clients than a traditional in-house HR function by providing a dedicated HR Director, supported by a Group Leader with access to specialty skills and support services. This team-based and integrated approach provides an affordable alternative to an internal hire.

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Interim HR

Interim HR complements existing in-house HR departments and professionals by giving them access to additional resources and HR expertise. Providing internal HR departments and professionals with maternity/paternity leave coverage, extended vacation and sick leave coverage, HR mentoring and HR projects.

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HR Assessments (HROI™)

Knowing where your organization’s human resource policies, procedures and practices, benchmark against the “best practice” companies is the starting point to improving your employee workplace. PIVOTAL’s unique assessment tool will quickly and effectively analyze your current state and deliver a prioritized HR critical path.

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Consulting Projects

The PIVOTAL HR Solutions team has “Best Practice” expertise in over 20 HR speciality areas, including:

  • Compensation and Performance management
  • Attraction and Retention Strategies
  • Leadership Development
  • Risk Management
  • Health & Safety

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HR HelpDesk

When our fully managed onsite solution is not what you need, our HR Helpdesk services may be the right solution to meet your business objectives.  With varying levels of offsite support available, these helpdesk models can be fully customized. With a team of HR professionals providing varying levels of expertise, we are capable of handling any type of support you need.    Professional advice and service can not only save you time but stop small issues from becoming larger, and help you to avoid legal costs.

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Shortlisting Services

Our Shortlisting Service is designed for Managers who simply do not have the time to post and promote job openings, sift through hundreds of resumes, or spend hours screening potential candidates. A dedicated HR Professional will measure candidates on several dimensions to predict their potential and narrow down your search to  the top candidates. Letting us focus on these administrative shortlisting tasks will allow you to focus your valuable time on your business.

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PIVOTAL eStore offers a wide range of customized HR products and services to meet your specific organizational needs.   These are incredible tools for trained and knowledgeable HR professionals who can customize, interpret and apply these templates to meet their specific organizational needs based on their understanding of employment laws and standards.

However, for someone who does not have this type of background and experience a template can be a major “landmine”. PIVOTAL’s e-store differs in our approach as we eliminate those risks by providing consultation, knowledge and experience with every product we sell. We are not simply just going to send you a template or tool and leave you stranded to figure it out on your own.  This way you can be assured that we will build you the right HR Tools that will help optimize your business’s success.

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