Performance Reviews – Quick Tips from HR Professionals

An effective appraisal system should allow for realistic, but challenging objectives. There should also be interim reviews to ensure objectives have not changed and to give an opportunity to identify training and development.


  • Be prepared for the performance review : Apprise employees of performance appraisals in advance
  • Allow the employees an opportunity to do a self appraisal
  • Provide employees with relevant feedback – tie all feedback to the job descriptions and the requirements outlined – this will keep the review objective and fair
  • Separate the “bad” from the “good” – if there are areas for improvement speak to them and try not to cover them up with the good – deal with them and then move on
  • Focus on the employee during the performance review – save filling out performance review forms until after the review is complete
  • Give the employee an opportunity to comment on or dispute the performance appraisal
  • The performance appraisal should clearly define a performance improvement plan to address the performance gaps mentioned. The plan should include the performance targets to be met (make sure they are realistic) and outline how you will support the employee in meeting these targets (ie. mentoring, training and development, feedback systems)
  • Be clear on how you are measuring performance on each performance target – Performance measures should focus on observable behaviours
  • Ensure that the employee understands the areas needing improvement and obtain commitment to the performance improving objectives discussed
  • Remember: Performance Reviews should not be the only time that you are discussing or reviewing an employee’s performance; a feedback on performance should be an on going process. There should be no surprises – the employee should have a good idea of what their feedback will be going into a performance review.
  • The performance review can be a very good way to improve your working relationship with the employee and increase employee engagement; discuss how the employee fits into the organization’s goals, discuss their career goals and show interest in helping them achieve these goals. Listen to employee feedback and take their input seriously.


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