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Sharing HR Expertise on RogersTV Show 'In Business'

Our very own Alison Growse has been asked to provide HR tips and advice on a popular RogersTV show In Business. Hosted by David Wojcik, In Business, is a weekly interactive and entertaining business show, celebrating entrepreneurship with timely topics and fast paced information. In addition, David conducts interviews with local business leaders, entrepreneurs and subject matter experts. The show also features regular segments on topics related to HR. Alison Growse will provide her HR expertise and cover topics such as How to Write Better Job Descriptions, How to Interview Effectively and Employee Engagement.

The 1-hour-show airs on Mondays at 8pm on Rogers Cable 10 (in Mississauga). You will also be able to find the same HR segments in an article format on our blog.

The two previously posted articles are:
8 Tips for Writing Better Job Descriptions
Get Creative When Competing with Larger Employers for Top Talent
… more to come.

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