Win the Bumper Battle with Blackberry Traffic

How would you like to avoid traffic jams and come in to work less frustrated? Well, there’s an app for that.  It’s called Blackberry Traffic.  It’s an app that provides traffic conditions on your GPS enabled Blackberry. Perfect for a mobile workforce and commuters.  Employers would love this app too, as it saves lost time in productivity and employees will be coming in less frustrated.

Although there are many traffic monitoring applications available for almost every smart phone, what makes Blackberry Traffic special is that it uses built-in GPS and 3G data connection to determine best route and provides predictions on future traffic conditions.  Enabling you to plan ahead and avoid bumper grinds.  The new version collects anonymous data from users using the app and historical data to make prediction more accurate.  It also plays nice with the rest of Blackberry features and apps.  Official description says it all:

Before you get in your car, you can establish your estimated time of arrival (ETA), find out if a road is closed, or decide to take a faster, alternate route. Heading to a friend’s place? Simply grab their address from your BlackBerry contact list, get your ETA, then email or text it along with a preset message to avoid keeping them waiting.

I’ve been using it for the past three days, primarily set on ‘traffic view’ screen as I love seeing my estimated time of arrival.  Based on my route, the application performed exceptionally well.  RIM has released an updated version this week which promises even better performance.  This is a must have app for any mobile workforce.  What would make it even better if the traffic information was crowdsourced, and it provided access to live traffic cameras.  But for now, I use it in conjunction with Beat the Traffic app.

What apps do you use that make your life a little easier and your workday more efficient?


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