Get Creative When Competing with Larger Employers for Top Talent

Smaller organizations cannot always compete with top employers in the same industry. An advantage that smaller companies have is their ability to quickly and easily implement “perks” to their employees. Keep in mind that the perks you choose should be low/no-cost and non-taxable for the employee.


  • Feed your employees, employees will always appreciate lunches, coffee and doughnuts
  • Consider a short work week allowing employees to take Fridays off during the summer
  • Balance work and personal life – maybe offer, if possible, to work from home one day a week
  • Allow employees to participate in decisions – this is often much easier in smaller organizations as the junior employees are a lot closer to the top
  • Paid day off for birthday
  • Consider work environments that address the needs of older workers or single parents
  • Publish a list of free perks for employees to choose from – motivation is individual
  • Keep communication regular and consistent – it is fairly easy to get groups of employees together and provide updates
  • Allow flexibility in their work assignments – in smaller companies there is usually greater ability to offer employees the chance to work in many different areas of the company
  • Recognize team members for their hard work and let them know they are appreciated


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