How Just-in-Time Temp Staffing Increases Productivity

One of the biggest challenges of running a business is dealing with the unexpected situations which occur on a regular basis. Part of the unexpected includes temporary staffing shortages that can occur. Consider some of the following situations that can occur on short notice:


  • Employee calls in sick or gets injured
  • Family emergency
  • Unexpected production increase


In these situations a temp staffing agency can help you out on a moment’s notice. Let’s look at some of the ways “just-in-time” temp staffing can increase your productivity:


  • Cuts down on mistakes caused by tiredness
  • Prevents important tasks falling through the cracks
  • Improves employee morale
  • Reduces the cost of overtime


Reduces Mistakes

When understaffed it means that your employees have to work harder to compensate for the increased workload. When individuals are overworked and tired they will be more inclined to make mistakes. Mistakes potentially can be costly and impact your bottom line. A temp agency can provide you with “just in-time” temp staffing to seamlessly cover a few shifts on short notice. This will prevent your permanent staff from suffering from burn out.

Prevents Important Tasks from Being Overlooked

When understaffed it may not be feasible to accomplish all of the necessary tasks. An important task falling through the cracks can have an adverse impact on productivity and ultimately your customer’s satisfaction.

Once again this is an area where “just-in-time” temp staffing can help. By having temp workers cover a few shifts when needed, it can ensure that you have sufficient staffing to accomplish everything that needs to be done.

Improves Employee Morale

Another potential drawback to employees being overworked and tired is that they can start to become irritable. If your employees start to become resentful over the increased workload this can definitely have a negative impact on productivity.

This is another area where temp staffing can help. Instead of being understaffed, you can have capable workers step in and lighten the load. In this way employee morale does not need to suffer because of an unexpected short term staffing shortage.

Cuts Down on the Cost of Overtime

Temp staffing can also increase productivity by decreasing the cost of paying overtime. Not only is there the monetary cost of paying overtime, but overtime can impact a company’s productivity in other ways as well. As already touched upon, when employees are overworked and tired they are more inclined to make mistakes, key tasks can also be overlooked and employee morale can be lowered.

This is where “just-in-time” temp staffing can greatly improve the productivity of your company. There is no reason for unexpected staffing shortages to adversely affect your company’s productivity or profitability.

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