The Recession is On Its Way Out. Is Your Talent Going With It?

So yesterday the Central Bank of Canada announced the recession is over, though certainly we’re still in for some rough times in the coming months.  Pay cuts and hiring freezes are still in effect, and many companies are still on work-share.  But bottom lines are starting to look a little better, and as they improve new job openings will start to present themselves.  So ask yourself, now that the Recession is On Its Way Out. Is Your Talent Going With It? Perhaps your A players stuck through the hardships, but will they continue to stick with you or get lured away by companies focusing on growth.

The article makes a great point about continuing your recruitment efforts, staying engaged and developing your employment brand.  But we’d also like to flip the article’s position and look internally at your company.  As the economics of your business improve its a good time to reward and encourage those people who stayed with the company and helped it survive.  Its summer time, take you A team out for lunch, pass out tickets to Wonderland, or a baseball game.  Show your A team you care, its more important now than ever if you want to hang on to them.

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