12 Ways To Conduct A Great Interview

Six Pixels of Separation posted an informative list of 12 Ways To Conduct A Great Interview which is definitely worth a read before your next interview.  We all have our own interviewing styles, but it doesn’t hurt hearing someone else’s perspective.  Not to take away the post’s thunder, but I’ve included the section titles to get you excited to go check out the full article.

  1. Don’t conduct an interview, have a conversation
  2. Do your homework
  3. Don’t stick to your agenda
  4. Have notes, not questions
  5. Ask open ended questions
  6. Open arms
  7. If you’re going to record it…
  8. Don’t say anything
  9. Watch the clock
  10. Be the ambassador for your audience
  11. Don’t just take notes
  12. Have fun

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