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Don’t Ignore Social Media – Have a Policy!

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Social media can be a powerful tool, for good and bad. As an employer, you can give some direction to the positive use of social media and set expectations through a policy.

Employers have the right to manage employee conduct that affects the workplace, including the use of social media. This includes the right to make policies and set expectations, and discipline employees for breaching these expectations.

Employers should consider the following points in their social media policies:

–  Reminders that employment duties and company policies apply to cyberspace
– List all social media outlets
– Setting boundaries for use during business hours
– Address whether employees are representing the employer when online
– Maintain confidentiality over personal and corporate information
– Notify employees they are responsible for their activities and may be held accountable
– Warn employees of consequences of inappropriate conduct

Social media is happening all around us and we cannot necessarily control our employee’s. However, employer’s do have a responsibility to guide, educate and inform their employees on what company expectations are and how the company can be affected by personal social media use.

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