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The New Rules for Recruiting Temporary Staff

Every business needs to draw in the best talent to grow and succeed. Ideas, products and services are only as good as the people who put them in motion and keep them in motion. Recruiting the right candidates to your business starts with using the most effective tools in your staffing toolbox.

There isn’t a one-size fits all solution to staffing. A smart employer or business owner will not simply rely on a job ad or career fair to get the job done. They will employ a variety of strategies to bring the best available talent through their door.

Make the job equal to talent
Attracting a quality employee starts with making the job attractive. Craft a job description that paints a clear picture of abilities, expectations, specific performance goals and standards needed for that position. Set the bar high so you draw in a candidate with a proven track record. Make upward progress attainable in that position. The best employees are drawn to jobs where they are not only challenged, but rewarded with growth opportunities.


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Tap into your network
Placing a job ad in the classified section and considering that a good sourcing strategy has gone the way of video cassettes and typewriters. Networking with other industry professionals at trade shows, conferences, seminars and other events can open the door to a whole new pool of candidates. Real-life interactions with potential candidates can help you size up their strengths and weaknesses and help give important context to a resume. Collect business cards from the most promising candidates and follow up with them within a few days.


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Reach Out Online
Digital age job candidates will turn to websites and social media accounts to gather information on a business. Smart business owners reach out to job candidates through these channels. Devote a careers page on your website to explaining what your business is about, what you look for in an employee and how interested candidates can get in touch with you. Use social media channels as a way to share information, answer questions and make connections with top prospects.

Look Beyond Internships
Internships are often touted as the best way for recruiting new talent. Hiring an intern lets a business owner or employer give a potential employee a trial run and see if their skill set is a good long-term fit. The only drawback to relying on internships for recruitment is that it can take time and money to get interns up to speed to compensate for a lack of experience. Interns are a good choice for entry-level jobs that allow room for growth over a period of time and do not require significant up-front skills or experience.

Partner with a staffing agency

Working with a staffing agency is a smart solution for filling any position with a talented employee. Staffing agencies will work directly with business owners and employers to ascertain a company’s needs and send candidates who best match those needs. Recruiting through a staffing agency offers quick access to a multitude of employees with proven skills and experience. It is especially helpful for filling temporary or seasonal positions.

Smart recruiting starts with using the right tools. A business that invests time and energy into recruiting the right way can build a foundation for enduring success.

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