How a Recruiting Agency Approaches Rejecting Candidates

At some point, you were in the job seeker’s shoes: filling out applications, tweaking your resume, sitting nervously in a waiting room until it was time for your interview. You know how that feels, and you also know how it feels to be told that you landed the job or to be told that you “aren’t exactly what we’re looking for at this time.” As an employer or hiring manager, now you’re on the other side of the desk, and you know that hiring can be just as difficult as trying to get hired.

It can be downright painful to turn down candidates who are not selected for the position. There’s no easy way to deliver the bad news, and some managers and employers experience significant anxiety in the face of the task.

Using a recruiting agency to handle the task does more than just get you out of an uncomfortable situation. It also helps to promote your firm and to ease turned-down candidates into other, better-suited positions. Let’s see how using a recruiting agency can help.

Delivering the Bad News

Delivering bad news can be downright difficult, but recruiting agencies are able to do it much easier, and here’s why. A recruiting agency has many different positions to fill at many different companies, so an employee who may not be right for your company may be perfect for the firm down the street. Therefore, a recruiting agency can let a candidate down easily with the hope of another position somewhere else, whereas an employer can only offer rejection with no hope.

Promoting Your Business

What in the world does rejecting candidates have to do with promoting your business? First, when you’re hiring for a specific position, a recruiting agency will send over a number of qualified candidates for the job. You, personally, will not have to turn down a single one because the recruiting agency will take care of that, however, you’ll have a chance to promote your business to each and every candidate. Second, since you’ll likely be hiring again at some point in the future, and if you’ve already had a chance to sell your company to some of the best talent in town, you’ll be able to quickly and easily reach out to those people again.

In fact, some of the people you interview will love your company and keep you in mind until a position becomes available. This means that you’ll have a much easier time hiring next time around. They’ll also talk to their friends and co-workers, further promoting your company among the local notables in your industry.

Using a recruiting agency can definitely raise the public perception of your business as you have a chance to personally speak with candidates in your field, and it also makes the hiring process much easier. A recruiting agency can quickly and easily sort through the best candidates available and focus on the education, skills, and experience that you need right now.

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