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What Do You Want Your Retirement To Look Like?

Successful retirement is about knowing what you are “retiring to” rather than what you are “retiring from”. It is often a distinction that people neglect to make and one that can impede a successful transition.

Given today’s statistical life span, a large majority of the population could spend as many years in retirement as they have in their working life. The key to success is to have clearly defined goals for retirement, just as you have had throughout your working career.

Consider these, when creating that “Retiring To….” Plan:


  • How much of your self worth was derived from your work?
  • How much of your retirement plan is determined by what you want to do versus what others want or think you should do?
  • What makes you happy?
  • How secure are you that your current financial situation will maintain the lifestyle you want through the life of your retirement?
  • How easily are you able to change when life throws you a curve ball?
  • How important are your family and friends to your happiness?
  • Are there health issues that must be taken into consideration?


Often the hardest part of moving to retirement is answering the big question: What am I retiring to? This is something that ideally should be considered prior to retirement to enable you to start putting in place YOUR elements to successful retirement. But it is never too late!

If you are having trouble answering this question, take some time to consider the following:

Think back to when you were a young child…


  • What captured your attention?
  • Did you have a recurring image of yourself, something natural, good and right?
  • What was it that you wanted to be when you grew up?
  • What thrilled you?


How about to your teenage and early adult years…


  • What were the causes or problems of the world that caught your attention?
  • What made you angry?
  • What moved your heart?
  • When you daydreamed, where did your thoughts go?


And during your working career…


  • What made you happy?
  • What were you good at?
  • What will you be remember for?
  • What was it about your job(s) that made you angry or unhappy?


It is often these basic questions that enable us to sort out what we should consider in our retirement. Once you take some time to consider these things, setting down your retirement goals and a plan to achieve them becomes a manageable task!

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