Why Temp Staffing Is Your Best Choice for an On-Demand Flexible Workforce

More than ever, there is an increase need for an on-demand flexible workforce. Temp staffing is your best choice to fill that need. Let us consider just a few reasons why that is the case:


  • Reduces termination and severance costs
  • Reduces your Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) liability
  • Gives you access to the workers you need when you need them


Reduces Your Termination and Severance Costs

The great thing about temp staffing is that when you no longer require the services of a temp worker you just simply return them to the temp agency. This will prevent you from being stuck with employees you no longer need. This staffing strategy prevents the possibility of layoffs that could result from being overstaffed.

This advantage comes from the fact that temp workers are employees of the temporary staffing agency. By using temp staffing you will greatly reduce the potential termination and severance costs associated with laying off your own permanent workers.

Reduces You WSIB Liability

Another considerable benefit of temp workers being employees of the temp staffing agency is that the Temp Agency has the sole responsibility to comply with all WSIB regulations in connection with their temp workers. This will greatly reduce your costs in connection with the paying of WSIB premiums and potential claims for your own permanent workers.

Gives You Access to the Needed Workers When You Need Them

There are a number of circumstances when your company may have a need for increased staff. These could include the following:


  • Illness
  • Injury
  • Paternity/Maternity leave
  • Family issues
  • Personal issues
  • Seasonal increases in workload
  • Special projects


In these circumstances it does not make a whole lot of sense to hire permanent staff to look after temporary situations. This is why the on-demand flexibility of temp staffing is the ideal option. Your temporary staffing firm will give you on-demand access to qualified workers the moment you need them with much reduced business risk for your company.

This will result in the following benefits:


  • Prevents you from becoming over or understaffed
  • Reduces the paying of unnecessary overtime
  • Will result in an increase in productivity and employee morale


Being overstaffed can result in potential layoffs of your permanent workforce. Aside from the potential termination and severance costs, a fear of layoffs can contribute to low employee morale. The flexibility of the on-demand workforce prevents these issues.

In the ever-evolving business world, there is more of a need than ever for a flexible workforce. Temp staffing is your best choice for a flexible on-demand workforce. An investment in temp staffing will reduce your costs and increase your bottom line by providing you with the workers you need, when you need them.

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