What Your Temp Agency Should Be Screening its Workers For

Partnering with a temp agency is an excellent way to look after your short term staffing needs. One way that the temp agency ensures that you are getting the right temp workers is through their screening process.

It is the course of wisdom to understand the screening process. Even before selecting a temp agency, you want to make sure that they are properly screening workers. You do not want to ignore any clear warning signs in connection to the screening process.

What should your temp agency be screening its workers for? We will now consider the following:

  1. Possible legal issues
  2. Work history
  3. Necessary Skills

Possible Legal Issues

An important aspect of the screening process is the outcome of background checks. This will ensure that any potential workers don’t have criminal records. It will also verify that the workers are who they really say they are. This will serve as a protection against possible identity theft.

Another potential legal issue that your temp agency should be screening for is confirming that all their temporary workers are legally able to work in Canada. If not this could get you into legal hot water if you were ever audited by the Ministry of Labor or Immigration Canada.

Work and Education History

You want to have confidence that your temp agency is verifying the work and education history of all of its workers. That would include making sure that any workers are honest about their education and employment background. In connection with work history; it would also include checking for any potential work issues. Specific areas of concern that should be screened for would include:


  • Theft
  • Accidents
  • Absences
  • Punctuality
  • Interaction with management and other employees


If any of these concerns were an issue with a worker’s previous employment, it will most likely be an issue for your company. Because of this fact, you want to be sure that any potential issues are identified before the temp walks through your door. If the temp agency is properly screening their workers then you will have nothing to worry about.

Necessary Skills

Another important aspect of the screening process is the verification of skills. The temp agency will want to ensure that the applicant really does have the skills that they say that they do. They can do this during the interview process. This would include skill tests.

It is important that the temp agency has a clear understanding of the needs of your company. For example; maybe there are certain aspects of your company culture that the agency should be aware of.  If they have industry experience and understand your company’s needs, they will be able to screen any applicants specifically for their ability to fill the needs of your company. The applicant may be a good fit for another company, but not yours.

By understanding the screening process you can make sure that your temp agency is properly screening their workers that will be best suited for your company. This will give you the peace of mind that you will avoid legal issues, save money and improve your productivity through the wise investment of temp staffing.

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