Gradual or Flexible Retirement? Is the 20 Hour-Work Week an alternative for Employers Who Want to Retain Retiring Team Members with Valuable Expertise

Retirement is a major life transition that affects both employees and employers. Traditionally, retirement meant leaving the workforce completely and enjoying a leisurely lifestyle. However, in recent years, more and more Canadians are opting for a different approach to retirement: gradual or flexible retirement[1]. Gradual or flexible retirement is a […]

60% of Pension Plan Members Say Inflation Pressure May Change Their Retirement Plans

Unveiling the repercussions of inflation on pension plan members’ retirement strategies through a comprehensive examination of recent findings. Discover how inflation is reshaping retirement planning.

How Employers Can Help Employees Save for Retirement (and it’s FREE)

It has been said — and sung — that what goes up, must come down. Just don’t mention this to the growing number Canadians who are finding it extremely difficult to save for retirement amid skyrocketing inflation and interest rates. In a new survey by BDO Canada, 71 percent of […]

Canada’s Answer to the Great Resignation? Behold the Great Retirement

The Great Retirement Since the pandemic erupted in 2020, employers north of the 49th parallel have been told to brace for an exodus of workers: a phenomenon known in the U.S. as “The Great Resignation.” And while there has indeed been a significant amount of turnover in the Great White […]

3 Ways to Attract Better Talent

If your company is looking to attract better talent, there are several methods that have proven to be effective. We will look at three of them here. Competitive Salaries By offering higher salaries than your competitors, higher calibre applicants will be drawn to and apply with your company. Once you […]

What Do You Want Your Retirement To Look Like?

Successful retirement is about knowing what you are “retiring to” rather than what you are “retiring from”. It is often a distinction that people neglect to make and one that can impede a successful transition. Given today’s statistical life span, a large majority of the population could spend as many […]

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