My First HR Webinar…

Well I can officially put another notch on my learning belt, I just completed my first webinar “Rightsizing your Company for Maximum Profitability in Any Economy” and it was a terrific learning experience. Thanks to my partner in crime Shari Cooper and of course our colleague Marian McGuire who helped us tremendously on the backend development.  Shari and I were able to create a comprehensive and thorough presentation on the topic at hand and for me it was a great opportunity to work with someone I had not had the chance to in the past.

Although I’ve trained quite a bit throughout my career it was very different developing the content from scratch and then delivering to a faceless group through the internet.    One aspect I enjoyed the most was developing the case study.  It was exciting for me to be able to demonstrate  how theory applies to a real life client situation.

All in all, it was an excellent learning experience and I look forward to developing our next webinar!   A special thanks to Erik and Alison for assisting Shari and I with the actual delivery of the webinar on April 7th.

Just another demonstration of what a fabulous team Pivotal is!

-Michelle Athurs

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