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Your HR plan – Visionary or a Hallucination

Effective Talent Management is one of the last sustainable competitive advantages for small and midsize businesses.  Developing an effective candidate generation and assessment plan is one of the most important steps to ensure business profitability and sustainability.

To win the war for talent, you should be able to identify what best practices or processes your business has in order to acquire the best talent from your competitors.

The top 7 questions to review are:

  1. What is your process to identify and attract candidates?
  2. Do you measure voluntary and non-voluntary turnover?
  3. What is your process to retain your top talent?
  4. What is your process to engage, develop and motivate your employees to higher levels of performance?
  5. Are your reward and recognition systems aligned to your business and your employees personal goals?
  6. Do you regularly assess and actively manage your HR risk?
  7. Are you measuring the return on investment of your total people costs – is the trend line improving or declining?

If you are not sure how strong your plan is, contact PIVOTAL’S HR division for a free consultation.


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