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The Undervalued and Overworked Middle Manager: The Role of Outsourced HR Management

Discover how outsourced HR management can bolster middle managers. Dive into strategies that streamline processes and boost leadership efficiency with Pivotal HR. Empowering Middle Managers: The Transformative Role of Outsourced HR Solutions   Middle managers are critical to most organizations, bridging the gap between senior leadership and front-line employees. Recent […]

Which Countries Have the Most Severe Skilled Labour Shortages — And Why They Should Consider Using EOR or PEO to Tap Into Canada’s Skilled Workers

Explore the root causes of global skill shortages and discover why Pivotal stands out as the leader in EOR, PEO, and HR Management.

Mental Health Crisis? One Third of Canadian Continue to Take Time Off Work for Mental Health Issues

There is an escalating dialogue around mental health in contemporary society. In workplaces across the globe, mental health issues have crawled out from under the carpet and into the spotlight, demanding action from both employers and human resources (HR) professionals. A recent study brings to light the depth of the […]

Stress in 2023: This Year’s Unique Workplace Stress Factors Due to Recession, Post-Covid and Other Factors

The workplace environment is changing rapidly. Workplace stress has taken a toll on many employees leading to mental and physical health issues. This report outlines recent findings about unique workplace stress factors affecting workers in 2023. The vast majority of workers report experiencing stress. According to a survey carried out […]

Increasing Employee Productivity and Reducing Stress: 9-Day Fortnight vs 4-Day Work Week: a Long Weekend Every 2 Weeks?

With record numbers of workers resigning from their jobs — with 28 percent planning to leave this year (see our report) — and many companies worldwide have implemented shorter work weeks to increase productivity.. Two of those are the 9-day fortnight and the four-day workweek. [4] In other words, a […]

10 reasons why 28 percent of employees are ready to leave their employer and 6 ways HR Managers can help prevent it : Reports

Several surveys show that employees cite 10 key reasons 28% of employees are planning on leaving their employer in the next year, including: better pay, lack of work-life balance, toxic work environment, toxic bosses, and career change as reasons for leaving their employers. (19 sources cited below.) These reports also […]

9 Main Reasons Employees Leave: the Majority of Employees Leave Jobs for Reasons Other Than Dissatisfaction or Layoff: StatsCan Data

It’s a common misconception that employees primarily leave their jobs due to dissatisfaction or layoffs. However, a recent Statistics Canada study tells a different story, shedding light on the diverse reasons why people leave their jobs. For HR management professionals, gaining insights into these employee decisions is essential for developing […]

Why HR Managers Should Review ChatGPT and Artificial Intelligence Tools in the Workplace

The advent of artificial intelligence (AI) tools like ChatGPT has dramatically changed the landscape of the modern workplace. As these tools become more prevalent, HR managers must carefully evaluate their use and establish appropriate guidelines to ensure that they are used ethically and responsibly. A recent survey revealed that nearly […]

How Remote Working Has Affected Musculoskeletal Health Issues and What to Do About It

Remote working comes with a lot of perks; no commute, the possibility of a better work-life balance, increased ease to make healthier lunches. However, the abrupt shift to remote working meant that most people had to create makeshift offices at home or work in spaces that weren’t designed to be […]

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