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Transforming HR with Predictive Analytics: Reducing Hiring Risks, Improving Retention and Boosting Productivity

If you’re an HR manager or a small business owner contemplating maximizing your management of human resources, it’s worth considering predictive analytics. This powerful tool, a blend of technology, statistical methods, and workforce data, gives you the ability to forecast future HR trends and make proactive, strategic decisions. Outsourcing HR Management […]

Gradual or Flexible Retirement? Is the 20 Hour-Work Week an alternative for Employers Who Want to Retain Retiring Team Members with Valuable Expertise

Retirement is a major life transition that affects both employees and employers. Traditionally, retirement meant leaving the workforce completely and enjoying a leisurely lifestyle. However, in recent years, more and more Canadians are opting for a different approach to retirement: gradual or flexible retirement[1]. Gradual or flexible retirement is a […]

The Majority of Canadian Companies Have the Benefits Their Employees Want: Survey

Benefits  significantly influence employees’ decisions to join, stay, or leave an organization, as well as their level of satisfaction and engagement at work. To remain competitive in 2024 and beyond, HR Managers and employers need to pay close attention to what their employees’ value in terms of benefit offerings. But […]

Staff Retention: the Top Employee Loyalty Benefits as Rated by the Employees

One of the top priorities for HR Managers is cultivating employee loyalty. Loyal team members are more engaged, committed, and productive overall. [1] They also tend to stay with a company longer, reducing turnover costs and preserving institutional knowledge. But with hybrid and remote work becoming the norm, nurturing a […]

How Can Employers Help Employees Remain Healthy This Flu/Covid/Cold Season?

Explore a variety of proactive strategies employers can implement to promote a healthy work environment, from remote work arrangements and vaccination campaigns to leveraging technology for health and safety.

60% of Pension Plan Members Say Inflation Pressure May Change Their Retirement Plans

Unveiling the repercussions of inflation on pension plan members’ retirement strategies through a comprehensive examination of recent findings. Discover how inflation is reshaping retirement planning.

54 percent of Canadian workers with benefits plans live with a chronic health condition

Over half of Canadians with benefits plans are living with at least one chronic health condition, according to a recent survey. [1] This alarming statistic illustrates a growing problem in our country. Chronic diseases like diabetes, arthritis, hypertension, and mental health disorders are on the rise. They are placing immense […]

Young Workers Loyal to Employers — But They Struggle Financially: New Survey

Explore the contrasting narrative of young workers’ loyalty to employers amidst financial hardships. Delve into insightful surveys and discover actionable strategies employers can adopt to alleviate financial struggles.

Survey: 60% of Canadian Employees Would Consider a Pay Cut if They Can Work Remotely

Discover how the allure of remote working is influencing Canadian employees’ compensation preferences, as revealed in a recent Harris Poll survey.

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