How To Not Get the Job

I am not an English teacher, I am not a professional proof reader, I am however someone who cannot abide typo’s, incorrect grammar or simple sloppiness in a professional document.  Whether you are writing your resume, your website, your blog or an e-mail, whatever you write is a representation of you.

If you are an HR professional, a hiring manager or a recruiter, how many times have you automatically discounted a resume because of typo’s?  Have you ever checked out a website and after catching a spelling error you decided not to do business with that company?

I want to be seen as a professional, as a subject matter expert and as someone who others will seek out for  business information and advice.  When I write, I am a representative of my Company. I am pretty sure that the majority of people reading this blog would feel the same.  Why then are so many professional missives written and sent without the simple step of proofreading?

It’s not hard to proofread.  With the wonderful spell check option that the majority of word processing programs utilize and even the grammar option available you too can have an error free document.  So, why are people ignoring this simple exercise?

Take the time.  Have someone else review your document, hire a professional, or simply re-read what you have written.  You might not immediately recognize how your accuracy has improved your message, helped you get the job or brought new business to your company, but be sure, that by providing an error free message, you are  improving your professional image and not damaging your prospects.


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