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Common Business Staffing Problems and How to Solve Them

Today’s businesses face challenges that would have been unthinkable even five to ten years ago. The 24-7 business climate requires constant innovation, new product offerings and services. In addition, staffing expectations and needs are more demanding than ever while the ability to find qualified candidates has diminished. There are also the numerous day-to-day details that managers and business owners must juggle to maintain project schedules and remain compliant with legal requirements. All of these challenges require time and effort that would be better spent making strategic decisions. However, many businesses can solve these challenges fairly easily simply by partnering with a temporary staffing agency and utilizing their skills to the fullest. Here are some common business challenges that are actually quite simple to solve.

Meeting Seasonal Workload Fluctuations

Some businesses have busy seasons where employees are expected to put in extra hours to help fulfill business goals. While it has become common business practice to require full-time and part time workers to absorb these extra hours, that may not make the most fiscal sense. One solution is to rethink the idea of a company staffed entirely with permanent employees. Temp help can easily beef up staffing levels during times of critical need, without increasing overhead costs like WSIB premiums, overtime pay, and increased risk of higher claims costs in the event of a permanent employee injury.

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Filling Specialized Skill Areas

As businesses rise to confront the challenges of doing business in today’s competitive climate, they often find that their staff is lacking in certain areas. They may not be roles that are considered core business skills, but they are areas that can impact a business’s bottom line. For example, with culturally diverse society, many businesses find it vital to have a bilingual employee but don’t need them full-time. Other instances of specialized skills may be a project manager for a project that is only expected to last six months. Businesses can obtain these specialized skills through the use of temporary staffing services. This allows them to obtain workers with specialized skills without increasing overhead.






Filling Critical Business Roles that are Vacant
When an employee resigns or is terminated unexpectedly, it can leave a big hole in the day-to-day functioning of an organization. When the position is a managerial one, it can bring a department or a company to a standstill. However, many businesses suffer needlessly during a vacancy when a perfectly suitable solution is available. Temporary job services offer far more than just entry level and mid-level staffing. They can also supply executive level candidates as well. This is an ideal solution because it brings in a qualified individual who can keep a department running and buy the company enough time to conduct a proper search for a full-time replacement. In some cases, the temporary staffer may turn out to be the perfect candidate, in which case companies get the chance to evaluate their work during a trial period before investing significant time and money into hiring them full time.


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