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Attention Managers! Stop Wasting your Valuable Time!

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Quite often Manager’s find themselves spending far too much time tied up in recruiting rather than focusing their efforts where they need to be.
How many hours do you spend recruiting when you need to hire someone? Let’s look at 5 major steps that go into a hire:
1. Creating a proper job posting to attract qualified candidates
2. Posting on several job boards
3. Sifting through hundreds of resumes
4. Hours screening and assessing potential candidates
5. Interviewing candidates

This process typically takes 3-4 weeks for managers, sometimes even months when you are unable to find the right candidate. How much does this really cost you and your business when you are focusing your time on searching for candidates? Strategically, management should only be spending their time in the last stage of recruitment which is the in-person interviews.

Let us introduce you to… Shortlisting Services.

How would you like to skip steps 1-4 and jump into step 5? Shortlisting services are not your typical recruiting services, however, are proving to become extremely valuable for managers. Adding Shortlisting services to your recruitment process allows you to focus your time where it needs to be. Let a professional do what they do best and save you weeks of time narrowing down the RIGHT candidates! All you have to do is show up for the interview.

Take 5 minutes to check out Shortlisting Services at www.pivotalestore.com/shortlisting and save yourself weeks of valuable time!

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