5 Signs You Are Dealing with The Wrong Temp Staffing Agency

Choosing the right temp staffing agency can be a real life saver. Dealing with the wrong one can be deadly to the productivity of your company. It is important not to ignore any red flags. These red flags include the following five signs that you are dealing with the wrong temp staffing agency:

They Lack Industry Experience

It is important that the temp staffing agency that you deal with has experience within your industry. This will enable them to provide you with temp workers that have the necessary skills to fill the needs of your company.

The industry experience of the temp staffing agency that you deal with will make them an essential source of market intelligence. This market intelligence will include knowledge of industry trends and competitive wages. This insider info can possibly help you in the following ways:


  • Build network connections
  • Develop an effective recruiting and retention strategy
  • Lead to cross promotion opportunities


They Lack Understanding of Your Company’s Needs

We can link this back to your temp staffing agency having industry experience. That being said, there is more to it than just industry experience. The agency you deal with needs to understand that there are aspects of your company’s culture that sets you apart from other companies within your industry.

Good communications skills are invaluable in connection with understanding your needs. You need to have confidence that the temp staffing agency that you deal with is responsive to any concerns or needs that you may have. If they are not, then this is a serious warning sign. The temp agency that you deal with can’t fill your needs if they don’t have the ability to understand them.

They Fail to Properly Screen Applicants

The temp staffing agency that you deal with should be properly screening their applicants. This would include the following:


  • Checking all available references
  • Properly performing background checks
  • Confirming that applicants have the prerequisite skills
  • Ask the right questions during their interview process


Your company can’t afford unwanted surprises when it comes to your temporary staffing needs.

They Bill You Too Low of a Rate

This is a classic sign that your staffing agency may be operating within the underground economy. If the billing fee is too low it can be an indicator of low quality temp workers. It is also a potential warning sign that the temp staffing agency is paying workers lower than minimum wage, using illegal workers or taking other legal short cuts to literally “pad” their own bottom lines but at the same time exposing your company’s reputation.

Any of these shortcuts could lead to costly fines in the event of an audit by the Ministry of Labour (MOL) or the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). This would quickly negate any short term savings. It could also lead to considerable bad press if the media chooses to report on the situation.

They Focus on Quantity Instead of Quality

The temp staffing agency could have a large database of temp workers. But are they the right workers? In a sense your workers serve as representatives of your company. It really doesn’t matter how many shifts they cover. You can’t afford to be stuck with dead weight.

By performing proper due diligence you can avoid dealing with the wrong temp staffing agency. By doing so, instead of killing your productivity, your temp staffing agency will prove to be a true life saver.

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