Temporary Workers – a Great Solution to Staffing Shortages

If you think back to the times when your business has run its best, you will probably notice a pattern. Businesses operate best when they are fully staffed with motivated, experienced people who work well together to reach specific goals. When this happens, everything seems to go better. Customer satisfaction increases, employee morale is high, and innovation and good ideas flow.

Just as you can remember those good, productive times, you probably remember some difficult times as well. One of the biggest problems companies face on a regular basis are the staffing shortages. When you don’t have enough good workers available to you, your company suffers. You can’t keep up with demand, which turns customers against you. Your staff feels perpetually overworked, which leads to high turnover. You work from crisis to crisis because you never seem to get ahead. Times like these can be incredibly stressful, but there’s a simple solution – temp workers.

Staffing shortages can occur for any number of reasons: illness, maternity leave, impacts in the local economy, seasonal busy-ness. No matter what the cause of your staffing shortage, a good temp agency can provide you with skilled, motivated workers to get your company back on track.

The following are some questions often asked by business owners and hiring managers about how temp workers can help with their staffing shortages.

How can temp workers help with seasonal highs and lows?

This is a great question because many different industries face seasonal staffing issues. Let’s say you have a regular workforce of 75 employees, but at your peak busy season, you really could use 100. In this situation, some employers would hire a few more permanent employees, bringing their workforce to around 85 employees. This will help during the busy season, but it’s still not quite enough people to keep the business running smoothly. When the busy season is over, would have ten extra employees on your hands. You could redistribute the workload among everyone, but then every employee would not have quite enough to fill their time, and your costs would be higher than necessary. In this situation, it’s best to keep your regular workforce at 75 employees and hire 25 temp workers to help you through the busy season. When the busy season is over, the temp workers are done for the year, and you’re back to your regular, cost-effective work force.

How can temp workers help me to avoid paying for overtime?

Avoiding overtime is a great way to keep your costs down. When your regular employees begin working overtime, you know it’s time to get temp workers in to help with the workload. By teaming up your temp workers with your regular workers, your temp workers can quickly become trained and integrated in your company’s ways of doing things, and when your regular workers need to go home, your temp workers can continue to keep operations humming along. Best of all, temp workers cost much less than paying overtime for your full-time employees.

How quickly can I get temp workers to help me out?

Now that you know how temp workers can help with your staffing shortages, you may wonder how quickly you can take advantage of this excellent solution. When you team up with a temp staffing agency, you can get workers immediately. As the temp staffing agency gets to know you and what kinds of workers are best for your company, the agency can be on the lookout for those with the skills, personality, and training best suited for you.

Staffing shortages do not have to cripple your business when you work with a reputable staffing agency to provide you with just the right temporary workers, right at time you need them most.

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