The 3 Interview Questions Every Hiring Manager Must Ask

In my experience a candidate’s answers to the questions listed below is a clear indication of their level of interest and commitment to the position.  A top-tier candidate will prepare for the interview by educating themselves on the position, the company and the industry; so these questions shouldn’t present a challenge for them.  Candidates who struggle with these questions typically haven’t spent any time preparing for the interview and in my opinion this shows a lack of commitment. Uncommitted candidates are more likely to be unprepared for the challenges they’ll encounter in a new work environment which can increase the likelihood of them resigning.

The use of these questions should help reduce turnover in new hires and should increase the candidate’s awareness of any challenges or issues facing the company or the industry.  If a candidate is fully aware of the position’s responsibilities then they’re better able to envision what they’ll be doing on a regular basis and can decide prior to accepting an offer whether it’s the right role for them.  If a candidate can clearly and competently answer these questions it’s more  likely that they’re committed and that they’re ready for the challenges ahead.  Furthermore, candidates who are properly prepared for an interview typically ask better questions of the interviewer to ensure that accepting the position is the right decision for them.

The ‘Big 3’ Interview Questions Every Hiring Manager Must Ask:

  1. What do you know about our company/our industry/this role?

  2. Why are you interested in this position/joining our company?

  3. Why do you think you’re the right candidate for this position?


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