Don’t Fear a Bill 168 Workplace Violence Audit – If You’re Prepared

When the Workplace Violence law, Bill 168, came into force in June 2010, there was some confusion about employers’ responsibilities, especially when it came to how the private worlds of a company’s staff now carried over into the public workplace, while simultaneously preserving a commitment to employee privacy and confidentiality. Of special concern – what exactly do employers need to do to ensure compliance should there ever be a workplace violence incident and subsequent investigation?

In real-world practice, after more than two years of working with numerous companies since Bill 168 became law, we have found there are two basic things employers need always be doing to be compliant with not only the letter, but the spirit of the law.


  • In all on-going workplace health and safety training, always be sure to stress the importance of the responsibility employees have in bringing to the attention of management any potential workplace violence threats. This is the same responsibility employees have regarding any potential threat to the health and safety of the workplace.
  • Rigorously document any and all matters related to workplace violence threats, including names, dates, details of the issue, how it was responded to, and the ultimate outcome. This documentation would also include evidence of point #1. This is the same kind of documentation that would routinely be done for any workplace health and safety issue.

This Strategy Proven to Work

Over the past two years, two of the firms I work with have been subject to MOL audits involving, among other issues, workplace violence. In each of them, the employers’ adherence to the above guidelines, together with policies, communication and training,  were critical in demonstrating  that Bill 168 was embedded into an overall culture of Health and Safety as dictated by law.

Pivotal Staffing has prepared a white paper reviewing in greater detail issues surrounding Bill 168 compliance. You can request a copy below: [superbutton href=””]Download: Bill 168 – 2 Years Later White Paper[/superbutton]


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