Tips for Flu Season

Flu season is lurking towards us as we head into this colder weather, and though we can certainly take vaccinations we might still catch the virus.  I wanted to re-post here for your benefit some practical Flu Tips posted by Mark Stelzner on Twitter – follow him on Twitter @stelzner.  We really shouldn’t go to work when we’re sick and spread our germs, but people often do.  Perhaps this flu season we can be more mindful of these actions.

  1. Don’t pretend to be “okay” and participate in public activities.  The flu Gods will laugh at your ignorance.
  2. You’re not that important.  Somehow the world will revolve without you, so take a sick day.
  3. Buy a Tivo (PVR for us Canadians).  This is the one time you’re allowed to watch TV in a zombie-like state.  Take advantage of it.
  4. Take a shower.  You’re sick and you smell like it.  And yes, those sweat pants will be burned.
  5. Don’t apply your limited energy to work and leave nothing for your family.
  6. You are not an extra on “Outbreak 2.:”  Cover your mouth/nose/face (head if necessary) and have some manners.
  7. Just when you think you might be better, you’re not, so stop pretending otherwise.

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