How Temp Staffing Supports a Flexible Workforce

In today’s dynamically shifting post-recession world there is more of a need than ever for a flexible workforce. Because you cannot always predict when you will need workers, temp staffing offers the perfect solution.

This flexible temp staffing approach is at odds with hiring permanent staffing. Even though it is understandable that your company may want to retain valuable employees, a sole focus on permanent staffing can create issues that will offer you little in the way of needed flexibility. This needed flexibility and nimbleness is the reality of this new world of work.

How does temp staffing support a flexible workforce? Let’s look at these three ways:

  1. Provides you the right workers when you need them
  2. Reduces your termination costs and Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) liability
  3. Provides you with an increase in productivity

Provides You with the Right Workers When You Need Them

There are numerous situations when a company may find itself temporarily understaffed. These could include the following:


  • Maternity leave
  • Injury or sickness
  • Personal or family issues
  • Temporary increase in workload


In these situations it does not make a whole lot of sense to hire permanent employees to look after temporary situations. In this way the flexibility of temp staffing is the perfect solution. You have access to skilled workers when you need them. This will also reduce the cost associated with being understaffed or paying unnecessary overtime.  This will in turn increase productivity and employee morale.

Reduces Your Termination Costs and WSIB Liability

One advantage to using temp workers is that they are employees of the temp staffing agency.

This is helpful if you are no longer in need of the services of a temp worker. You can simply stop using them. You avoid the potentially costly process of terminating them when they are no longer needed.

Also because temp workers are employees of the temp staffing agency you are not required to look after any WSIB claims. It is the agency’s sole responsibility to ensure that they fully comply with all WSIB regulations. Avoiding the costs associated with termination and WSIB claims is a huge benefit which comes from the flexibility of using a temp staffing agency.

Provides You with an Increase in Productivity

There are times when your company will greatly benefit from an infusion of new blood. Temp staffing enables you to provide that needed infusion. Bringing in temp workers will provide a fresh outlook, while also bringing new ideas to the table. This will result in an increase in productivity. Of course if you are focusing mainly on using permanent staff you may not have the needed flexibility to bring in this infusion when it is needed.

When you consider the new world of work that we live in, it is imperative that you continue to adapt. The new reality is the need for a flexible workforce.  An investment in temp staffing is the perfect solution to succeed in this dynamically changing landscape.

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