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MYTH: Small Business’s Do Not Have “People Issues”

Starting or running a small business isn’t easy. Developing a great product or service and knowing how to sell it just won’t cut it!

As a small business, you often do not have the luxury of having a marketing, accounting, sales, or payroll department to support you. Instead, as a small business owner you often have to take on these functions yourself or ‘wear those hats’.

Human Resources for a small business is no exception. Although you may have few employee’s and potentially less ‘people issues’ there are still HR pieces that you should be aware and have in place. For example, are there any policies or programs you are legislatively required to comply with? What about Health and Safety? When you hire an employee, do you have a comprehensive offer letter and job description to give them?

Competition amongst businesses of all sizes is only getting tougher. To be successful, you need to know which ‘hats’ you are wearing and where to find the support you need to fully run, grow, and manage your business!


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