Employee Handbook (10 Policies Included)


$2000 includes 10 policies (plus $200 for each additional policy)

It is important for employers to document their policies and procedures so that company standards and expectations are communicated and available to employees. Policies and procedures help guide both employees and managers on how employment is carried out within the organization.

An employee handbook is an excellent resource for employees to gain an understanding of your organizational policies, procedures and expectations on employee conduct. A handbook is also a great tool for managers as it provides consistent guidance on how to handle certain situations and/or issues such as vacation time/requests, discipline, attendance, workplace harassment etc.

If you are looking to develop an entire employee handbook please give us a call! We can provide you with recommendations on the best policies to develop based on your specific organizational needs. If you are looking for individual policies please look up “Individualized Customized Policies”.

**If you would like us to review what you currently have in place we would be happy to do that as well. With our “Ask the Expert” service, we will provide you with professional expertise and best practise recommendations. Visit our Ask The Expert page to learn more or to contact us about options.


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