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58% of CFOs say expense claims rising: “outrageous” reimbursements include speeding tickets, toys and embezzlement expenses

In a new survey of 300 CFOs, respondents indicated an alarming increase in “outrageous” expense claims from team members. [1] Fifty-eight percent of CFOs in Canada report claims are increasing, versus only 32% reporting no change. Seventeen percent reported a “significant increase” in expense claims over “the last three years.” […]

Payroll managing supplementary pay practices: attracting and retaining top talent with differentials, bonuses and spot “irregular” pay

A mix of supplemental bonusing and differentials can be crucial to retaining or attracting talent to your company, but it is easy to run afoul of fairness and equity rules, Canada Pension Plan and Employment Insurance rules, and other legislation — not to mention any “collective agreements” in your workplace. […]

Ontario’s payroll nightmare: compliance with confusing statutory holiday pay rules — without stress

Judging by the volume of calls to the Canadian Payroll Association, calculating pay for statutory holidays remains a mystery to many payroll managers or teams. According to the association, the calls are usually “how do I calculate,” or often just to “double check.” [1] Considering there are ten statutory holidays […]

A higher “sense of urgency” needed as increased CPP costs impact payroll budgeting

CPP costs began its inexorable — and unavoidable — rise in January, 2019 — but many Payroll and HR Managers have not given the increases a high sense of urgency. Those that do, will champion important changes to human resources management — becoming the future superheroes of budgets. Although the […]

Severance pay rules legal precedent: only Ontario payroll factors into the $2.5 million payroll threshold for severance

The Hawkes Decision sets some clarifying precedent for severance payments for Ontario payrolls, with a clear differentiation between companies with payrolls of more or less than $2.5 million — regardless of global payroll of the company. The important takeaway from the December 2018 decision, according to legal consultants at BLG, […]

Payroll and benefits managers should budget for drug and health benefit costs to rise nearly 12 percent in 2019

Drug benefits are projected to rise, on average by 11.57 percent on renewal in 2019, with healthcare benefits also rising 11.55 percent (according to Accompass data.) Dental benefits are forecast to increase 5.62 percent. “With good advisors, you’re going to find the rates will typically be lower for a lot […]

Some eligible parents will get an additional five to eight weeks of parental leave — as long as both parents agree to split time off

In what has been called a “take it or lose it” policy, a new paternity benefit comes into effect March 24, 2019 —allowing for five additional weeks of leave for 12-month parental leave situations, or eight weeks for the new 18-month leave option. There’s a condition: both parents have to […]

Seven steps to move your company towards gender pay equity; new study shows annual pay gap of $20,000 in technology jobs between genders

New data makes it clear that pay equity between genders — especially in technology — is not yet a reality — at least not at every company, or even the majority of companies. With the pay gap in technology jobs still $19,750 between male and female workers with equivalent expertise […]

Rules designed to reduce “red tape” and increase job growth may make Payroll Management challenging in 2019

While most Ontario employers regard new government rules, Restoring Ontario’s Competitiveness Act, as a positive move for both businesses and the job market in 2019 — and despite promises to reduce paperwork — the magnitude of changes from Queen’s Park may overwhelm some employers, certainly in terms of payroll management in […]

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