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Seven steps to move your company towards gender pay equity; new study shows annual pay gap of $20,000 in technology jobs between genders

New data makes it clear that pay equity between genders — especially in technology — is not yet a reality — at least not at every company, or even the majority of companies. With the pay gap in technology jobs still $19,750 between male and female workers with equivalent expertise […]

Rules designed to reduce “red tape” and increase job growth may make Payroll Management challenging in 2019

While most Ontario employers regard new government rules, Restoring Ontario’s Competitiveness Act, as a positive move for both businesses and the job market in 2019 — and despite promises to reduce paperwork — the magnitude of changes from Queen’s Park may overwhelm some employers, certainly in terms of payroll management in […]

Disability support undergoing change in Ontario: employed people receiving disability keep more, but qualifying is more difficult

Revisions to Ontario’s Disability Support Program (ODSP) may see people receiving disability support earning up to $6,000 per year before support is reduced — up from the current maximum $200 per month. Under new reforms from the Ontario government, qualifications for disability support will change, making it both more difficult […]

50% of employees share secret company information — and other reasons to outsource payroll services

The reasons corporate secrets spread are numerous — carelessness, malicious conduct, coercion, social media slips, questions at job interviews — but nowhere are the stakes higher than in payroll confidentiality. The repercussions are immediate if salaries and bonuses leak: business loss, employee poaching, team discontent and jealousy, and (possible) discrimination […]

Payroll team members take 9.6 days per year off; contingency emergency planning for short-term payroll outsource support

According to Statscan, leave in the workplace is increasing, averaging 9.6 days per employee per year. What do you do, though, if that person who has an abrupt need for emergency or sick leave is your key payroll team member? What do you do when that key payroll person is […]

Payroll Management: Ontario Premier Doug Ford to reverse “job killing” labour reform bill 148

In a move sure to please business owners and employers, Doug Ford has vowed to “scrap” Bill 148. As reported previously in the Pivotal HR Blog (“Struggling with new guidelines?”), Payroll and HR Managers, business owners and stakeholders were asking the government to put the brakes on the plan due […]

Payroll solution to high debt? 66 per cent of employees in a better position than a year ago; but 94% carry debt: Survey

Nationally, the majority of employees report being in a better position this year, versus a year ago — according to a new survey from the Canadian Payroll Association. Although slightly less than half report living “pay cheque to pay cheque” — largely due to increases in debt and expenses — […]

Survey of employers in Canada: salaries to rise 2.6 per cent average in 2019, consistent with current rate of inflation; employee turnover the top concern

Employers remain confident compensation will average an increase of 2.6 per cent in 2019, in line with the expected rate of inflation of 2.5 per cent. Ontario and Quebec expect increases of 2.6 per cent and 2.5 per cent; with the highest increase expected in British Columbia and Alberta, at […]

Struggling with new public holiday pay guidelines? Confused about other Ontario Employment Standards?

Significant changes to Employment Standards and Public Holiday came into force January 1, 2018, under Bill 148, with additional modifications phased in from July 1, 2018. Some Payroll Managers and their Payroll Management Services may not be aware of all the changes — or could benefit from a “one-page guide” […]

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