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33% of employers penalized for payroll mistakes; 10 things to consider when choosing a reliable payroll management service

Although there are no numbers for Canada, in the United States the IRS estimates that one out of every three employers has been penalized for payroll mistakes. In Canada, the statistics are probably similar. It’s difficult enough to keep up with the changes in rules and laws, let alone your […]

Payroll news: Canada extends EI for seasonal workers by $189 million: what payroll managers need to know

The Federal Government extended EI benefits by up to five weeks in areas of Canada with a strong need for seasonal workers. The pilot program, budgeted at $189 million, will help up to 51,500 seasonal workers in parts of Atlantic Canada, Quebec, and Yukon. Companies employing seasonal workers in the […]

Will Ontario opt out of Canada Pension Plan expansion? 84 per cent of business owners surveyed think the government should delay CPP increases.

Canada Pension Plan (CPP) expansion remains controversial with business leaders, especially small business. Under Federal Legislation Bill C-74, which took effect June 21, 2018, the first of several CPP increases is set for January 1, 2019. The plan, from the Federal Government, forces higher contributions — with more money to […]

Payroll Panic: Causes and Cures

No matter how proficient and experienced your payroll staff are, there is no denying that the payroll function can be stressful and daunting during peak periods such as year-end and strike fear and trembling into the calmest of people when things go wrong. What causes payroll panic, and how can […]

Canadian Payroll: Past and Future

  The pace of change in the Canadian workplace is astounding. A few decades ago most payroll professionals worked in organizations whose employees lived in only one country, often one province. Most families had a single breadwinner who worked full-time and expected to retire from the same job. Many people […]

Delegating Confidential Information to New Payroll Staff

  Payroll and confidentiality go hand in hand. Payroll staff execute tasks necessary to pay employees and operate the business legally, while protecting both employee and employer data required for the payroll process. Employee information includes names, addresses, social insurance numbers, dates of birth, pay rates, bonus and commission information, […]

Canada Revenue Agency’s Top 10 Most Common Audit Adjustments

  The deadline to produce and distribute year-end tax slips is fast approaching. This year, employers have until February 27, 2015 to produce and distribute 2014 T4 and RL1s to their employees.  There are multiple data elements that go into producing a T4 or RL1 for an employee – many […]

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PIVOTAL Partners with activpayroll

  PIVOTAL is proud to announce its new partnership with activpayroll We are very excited to announce the opening of our new Ontario based office in partnership with activepayroll.  PIVOTAL has made strides in the payroll industry in Canada and is now partnered with an award winning global payroll company. […]

BILL 18 Is Changing the Employment Landscape in Ontario

Recently the Government of Ontario re-introduced legislation to amend various employment-related statutes:  Bill 18, Stronger Workplaces for a Stronger Economy Act, 2014 (formerly Bill 146 – the Stronger Workplaces for a Stronger Economy Act, 2013).  Bill 146 “died” on the order paper when the provincial parliament was dissolved but with […]

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