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Employee Incentives Can Be More Than Just Money

What is in it for me? As humans we have the tendency to ask that question. Especially when our time, skills and expertise is demanded of us.  That is why offering employee incentives are so important if you want to attract and keep top talent. An employee incentive can include […]

To Cover or Not to Cover?

Composing a lot of cover letters during a job search can be very challenging for job seekers. It takes a great deal of energy and time to tailor a letter specifically for every job they apply to. So, it’s not surprising that applicants often ask if they need to include […]

What to Do When Employees Are Taking Too Many Sick Days

“What do you mean you’re not coming in today?” Not the response we would recommend but at times I can understand it. Absent employees result in lost sales, poorer levels of customer service and increased stress on the people who are at work. The recent survey by Angus Reid on […]

How a Well-Designed Compensation Plan Can Attract the Best Talent

Attracting top-quality talent is about more than wages. Highly qualified employees are a great benefit to your company—and they know it. Unlike run-of-the-mill candidates, top-shelf applicants usually have several offers to choose from. Getting that talent into your workforce can become nothing more than a bidding war–if you allow it. […]

Small Business Owners and the Real Cost of Hiring

Recently I have been speaking with a lot of small business owners, actively looking or about to embark on a search for a new employee to fill a hole left by a previous co-worker, or they are expanding the company and have created a shiny new position. A fair amount […]

What Do You Want Your Retirement To Look Like?

Successful retirement is about knowing what you are “retiring to” rather than what you are “retiring from”. It is often a distinction that people neglect to make and one that can impede a successful transition. Given today’s statistical life span, a large majority of the population could spend as many […]

A Hiring Strategy That Actually Reduces Your WSIB Premiums and NEER Surcharge Risk

Companies all too often unnecessarily increase their NEER surcharges by one simple mistake in how they hire staff. Aside from the strategic advantages and flexibility a temporary staff workforce provides, there are significant financial benefits that can be realized with temporary workers augmenting your permanent workforce. The Secret NEER Risk […]

Statutory Holidays. Love them or Hate them?

Long weekends mean more time at the cottage, on the ski hill or reading a book, but no matter how you choose to spend your time, there is no doubt that everyone enjoys statutory holidays. If you are a human resources or payroll person, your view of statutory holidays can […]

The Ins and Outs of Shopping For The Employee Benefits Plan

In the past decade, the employee benefits market has undergone some significant changes. These changes have been brought about by Clients and Brokers, Governments, Insurers, and Self Insurance, Each transfers an element of risk to benefit plan sponsors. Clients and Brokers When asked why they have benefits; clients usually state […]

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