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Innovative Recruitment of HR Talent Inspired by Covid-19 — HR Management Methods for Recruiters

The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic has well and truly turned the business world on its head. Unemployment is increasing rapidly, while the global economy is in a downturn. Those businesses that haven’t been able to adapt are either already shut or on the verge of shutting down. However, many instances display the indomitable nature of human innovation, and the pandemic is no different.

Moving Towards Virtual Hiring

To keep up with the demands, HR management is continuing to evolve. Instead of the traditional HR onsite services, organizations have been transitioning their HR projects to a virtual setting. Instead of the conventional interview structure, businesses now use various online communication and collaboration tools to communicate with their recruits.

Virtual job fairs are some of the new HR projects that HR management is perfecting to ensure that organizations don’t lose their recruitment momentum. A lot of them are learning that some communication software doesn’t work well with recruitment. Instead of using Microsoft Teams, Zoom is quickly emerging as the number one choice for holding virtual conferences.

Employer Partnership

Another quickly emerging HR practice is to engage in employer partnerships. These are agreements where two or more companies get together and prioritize hiring furloughed and laid-off employees from one another. The companies will provide each other with their requisitions, which the employees will receive information about during the furlough process.

If the employee is interested, they can apply for the position. Their application will be tracked for prioritized hiring. It’s a bonus for the organizations as it allows them to hire skilled employees that work in similar industries.

Contract Employees

HR management can often find it challenging to hire full-time employees virtually. An alternative option is to retain the service of experienced freelancers. It’s a method that can work for opening positions and new job openings as well.

For executive positions, start the new employee as a contractor until pandemic restrictions ease and travel opens for in-person interviewing. In these particular cases, it’s smart to negotiate a contractual agreement and an employment agreement simultaneously.


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Virtual recruitment may become the new norm even after widespread vaccination — at least as part of the HR Management process.


Virtual recruitment isn’t going anywhere

Even as vaccinations become more readily available, virtual recruitment is quickly on its way towards becoming the new norm. That’s why organizations need to figure out how they can translate their culture towards remote hires. If the organization is struggling with virtual recruitment, they can move towards HR outsourcing as well.

There are specialist HR firms that cater to helping organizations find the best possible employees.

Keep on the offensive

Unemployment numbers may be on an all-time high, but businesses need to stay on the offensive. If they don’t try to be proactive with their hiring, they’ll fall behind the competition. The HR management needs to remain on its toes and hire vigilantly to ensure that the organization can perform at an optimal level.


These are some ways that the HR function has been adapting to continue hiring talent in the middle of the pandemic. While virtual recruitment is a strategy that’s come to the forefront because of the pandemic, it’s here to stay!

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