Health and Safety Discipline! It should not be considered an unpleasant chore!

Health and Safety Discipline can be a hard part of being a supervisor, but is necessary to prove you are doing your Due Diligence.

Supervisors  need to show they have disciplined their employees if they are working in an unsafe manner.

If your employee commits a health and safety infraction,  you may feel that it is difficult to take disciplinary action.  It does become  easier  to discipline once you realize and understand that you are doing this as you care for the well-being of your staff,  and do not want an employee to be injured on site especially if you could have taken preventive measures to avoid it.

Just think, your employee might not realize he/she  is doing something incorrectly and  as a result could get  hurt. If you  take the time to do a Health and Safety Discipline, you are preventing a possible future injury, you are maintaining the morale of the workplace and ensuring your production levels are not affected by an injury!  What could be better?

Think of it as you being a good employer. You want to make sure your expectations are very clear  to the employee and ensure they understand  the  importance of  following all Health and Safety rules that are in place when at work.  The simple fact of having a written document shows that it is important and that you have taken the necessary steps to resolve the issue.

Another important reason to have written discipline sheet is that it shows proof that you disciplined an employee.  The “I told him so many times” is proof that you didn’t take the offence  seriously.

It is human nature to forget which  is why you need a written Health and Safety Discipline form.   I sometimes forget what I had for breakfast, how could I possibly remember that I gave my employee a discipline form 2 months ago for the same infraction.

You can grab a sample form here: Health and Safety Discipline form

In essence, a Health and Safety Discipline form is your best proof and defense to show your Due Diligence and that you care for the health and safety of your employees.

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